Dr. Mark Young 

“I consider being an endodontist the best job in the world!”

While on my honeymoon with my beautiful new wife, I began to experience wild tooth pain. Soon, the pain became so intense that it rendered me incapable of doing anything else and I was desperate to find a dentist who could stop the pain. Having a root canal gave me the blessed relief that I sought and I was able to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon in peace! 

Having experienced this mind numbing pain personally has given me great compassion for the thoughts, concerns and condition of my patients. I feel truly blessed to have a skill base that allows me to alleviate excruciating pain and restore patients to a state of dental health.

My staff and I consider it an honor to treat you, and we are dedicated to providing excellent care to each and every one of our patients.


I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. After high school graduation, I was accepted to an accelerated academic program at the University of the Pacific allowing me to complete my undergraduate studies in two years and dental school in just three years, instead of the usual four year undergraduate program followed by four years of dental school.

After graduating at the top of the class in dental school, I went on to receive my endodontic training at Harvard University’s School of Dental Medicine. While there, I not only received my certification as a Specialist in Endodontics, but also earned a Masters of Medical Science. During these three years of study at Harvard, I received comprehensive training in all aspects of endodontics, including non-surgical treatment, surgical endodontic treatment as well as extensive study of cutting edge microscopic techniques.

My research, conducted with Dr. Nikos Soukos, at The Forsyth Institute’s Applied Molecular Photomedicine Laboratory, on the use of Photodynamic Therapy or PDT was also published in the Journal of Endodontics and may one day give endodontists an even greater ability to cleanse and disinfect complex root canal systems, leading to higher success rates.


I currently live in El Dorado Hills with my wife Allie and five beautiful children. We delight in watching our little ones grow as they learn and discover more about their world each day. We enjoy family walks, movies, trips to the mountains and spending time with our extended family and friends.