Patient Testimonials

This is by far the most professional and caring endodontics facility. The staff is so kind, they are willing to work with you with payment plans and give incredible service. The facility is very welcoming and clean. Their work is top notch, and they ensure that you are comfortable for your entire experience. Even offering clean blankets while you wait for the procedure to start. Those with dental anxiety, (like myself) I highly recommend this facility, they do everything to make sure you’re comfortable and at ease. Super understanding and compassionate. Hopefully I don’t have to return  but if I ever do, this will be the place I go to!  Thank you so much Creekside staff!” —Haley T.


“I can’t thank Dr. Fife enough for taking care of my daughter’s tooth. One of the root canal Specialist recommended extracting her permanent tooth without even looking at it. Dr. Fife made sure to check if the tooth was still alive and did a special kind of filling on it. Today we had an appointment at her primary dentist and he mentioned  how great of a job Dr. Fife did. I will tell everyone how awesome Dr. Fife is. Dr. Fife, thank you again!! You rock!!” —Irina P.


Can’t say enough about Dr. Wong.  I have a VERY difficult time getting numb.  Most dentists just want me to power through the pain.  NOT Dr. Wong.  He spent so much time getting me numb.  After each injection of novacaine, which I DID NOT even feel, he checked to see if the tooth was numb.  He didn’t even begin the procedure until I no longer felt any sensation in my tooth.  He did this by testing with a cold substance, not drilling.  I used IV sedation the first time I saw Dr. Wong.  However, the second time that was not an option due to scheduling.  Yesterday, I only used an oral sedative and did great.  NO pain from start to finish (numbing included.)

Simply put, Dr. Wong is a Master at his trade!” —Julie N.


Dr. Bruce Holt is an outstanding Root Canal Specialist and is so skilled, caring and attentive.  His entire office team is so professional, wonderful and friendly.  They all had my best interest in mind.  The office has up-to-date technology and is so clean and well kept.  I would highly recommend Dr. Holt and his amazing staff for anyone who requires Root Canal treatment.  I feel so very Blessed to have this outstanding dentist during my recent emergency root canal treatment and couldn’t have asked for anyone better.  I’m so grateful to Dr. Holt and to each and every one of their staff members.  
Thank you all so much.

With my deep and sincere gratitude,” —Zefa M.


I had to have an emergency root canal. My general dentist was able to reserve a same day appointment with Dr. Antonenko. I am the BIGGEST fraidy cat when it comes to dentistry due to a traumatic experience as a child.  Dr Antonenko and his staff did a wonderful job easing my anxiety and the procedure was painless. So good, that I actually dozed off during the process. I can’t say enough good about his staff as well. They explained all of the possible costs up front and were very compassionate as they knew I was in severe pain.
I HIGHLY recommend this practice.” —Lenny V.


Dr. Ruvim Zhuk performed a root canal on my lower left molar this morning. If you have dental anxiety like I do, you may have questions like: What if I get an anxiety or panic attack during the procedure? Do I have to sit on the chair during the entire procedure? Will I catch my breath? Etc. Etc. Trust me when I say this: Have no such fear. Dr. Zhuk (and I assure you all the doctors there) are amazingly patient, kind, respectful, and understanding of all your needs and fears. You can move, sit up, walk, during anytime, and there will be no pain. Starting with the numbing gel, you will be given numbing shots slowly and gradually until you are dead numb. The shots don’t hurt, the procedure won’t either. The view outside is awesome (full length glass with landscaping outside) and it will alleviate your claustrophobia, if any. He let me sit up and relax and take a moment or two whenever I wanted, and once my inner child fathomed this, I was relaxed. Dr. Zhuk is so kind and smooth – he is almost invisible. This place is amazing.” —Vineet B.


Nobody likes to get a Root Canal.  Nobody.  Dr. Bernadette and her staff were great.  I had a toothache for about 2 to 3 months.  My regular dentist said a tooth was chipped, and did a filling on the tooth.  It still hurt.  Ouch.  After a couple of more weeks, I called my dentist’s office back.  My dentist office, as well as some other folks recommended Dr. Bernadette.  On the first appointment I couldn’t tell her the exact tooth that hurt… it just hurt.  She did a few x-rays, did a test, poked around, and determined which tooth was the problem.  Each step of the way she told me what she was doing and what the problem might be.  The next appointment the root canal was done.  Painless.  But still not fun.  For 3 or 4 days after the root canal, my jaw was still sore.  And then the 5th day… everything was fine.  No pain.  

If you have to get a root canal, I highly recommend Dr. Bernadette in Grass Valley.” —Harris W.


First off let me start by saying I hate going to the dentist’s office, dislike needles and try to avoid going, I get really nervous and will usually ask for the Nitrogenous or something to make me pass out.  They made me feel like none of that was needed!  I went in yesterday for a toot canal treatment and I didn’t think I was going to go through with it because of the pain but with Dr. Hull everything was quick and painless.  And I woke up this morning and don’t feel a thing, as if it never happened!  And have not needed a single pain killer of any kind!  It’s a little far from my area but was well worth the travel and if I ever need another root canal I will be going back (lets hope I don’t thought).

Best Specialist to go to in my opinion, your in good hands.” —Janet H.


“I don’t leave reviews much, if ever, but there’s certain experiences that leave you feeling you need to give one. And, that time is now. I was so impressed with Dr. Fife and how gentle, kind and professional he was today while doing a root canal on my 13 year old daughter. His bed side manner gets an A+ from me, and I feel like I have a high standard when it comes to doctors and their bedside manners.  My daughter was never nervous, thanks to his calm demeanor and explanation of what to expect, and she was even shocked at how gentle the “shot” was that he had to give her. He was done pretty quickly and the whole office was very friendly. Thank you, Dr. Fife, for taking GREAT care of my daughter today and having the whole experience be a pleasant one! I hope we never need another root canal in our family’s future, but if we ever did, we will most certainly be back to see you!” —Teryn H.


“Dr. Mark Young is AMAZING! I had previously had some complicated; somewhat traumatic dental work done at another office, so I was a bit paranoid when I saw Dr. Young for treatment. Much to my surprise, the entire procedure was 100% pain free, even afterwards. I went right back to work! I would highly recommend him!” —Janet H.


“From the moment I walked into Creekside Endodontics I felt taken care of. All of the assistants were caring and personable. They are experts at what they do. They make you feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Young was easy to talk to, quick but careful with the procedure. Him and his assistant talked me through each step and eased me through each process. I only wish they did more so I can go to them for everything. Highly recommend them!” —Taunya W.


“Dr. Young’s office was able to see me on very short notice due to a root canal issue. The office was warm, welcoming, and extremely friendly. Dr. Young and his assistant couldn’t have been more professional and informative. The procedure was delicate and they preformed tremendously. Have had no pain at all, just a great experience.” —Paul R.


“Forty years ago I had a root canal at a dentist in Belmont, a very unpleasant multiple appointment experience, and the tooth has never felt right since that time. Recently I had the opposite experience with Dr. Young. I was very apprehensive, I guess even fearful before I went in, but Dr. Young and hiss wonderful staff made me very comfortable from the moment I walked in. I experienced no pain during the procedure with the possible exception of anesthetic needle discomfort. My ‘new’ tooth feels strong and is completely pain free. I could not be happier with my easy experience at Creekside Endodontics.” — Ken B.


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